Sailing Team

Ky Hurst


Ky Hurst is regarded as one of the the top all-time Australian swimmers and Ironmen. He is a two-time Olympian in open water swimming, is one of only two men to have won seven Australian Ironman titles, and he has more than 30 Australian surf lifesaving titles to his name.   

Now Hurst has switched his focus to another water sport - sailing - and joined ORACLE TEAM USA in September 2015. A series of fitness tests proved he would be a good fit with the team, and his power and drive have translated well to the grinding pedestal on an America’s Cup yacht.  

Raised on the beaches of Australia, his mother was a swim coach, so water sports have always been a big part of his life. At age 2, Hurst was learning to surf and got involved with a local board riders club not long after. Around the same time, his grandfather was teaching him how to sail.  

Surf lifesaving and distance swimming fit right in. By age 15, Hurst was the youngest ever to qualify for the professional Ironman circuit. Before he turned 17 he had won his first Ironman series, then followed with his first Open Australian Ironman title. Shortly after the surf season, finished he set his sights on the World Open Water Swimming Championships, winning silver in the 5km event. When the 10km open water swimming event was added to the Olympic program, Hurst took advantage and represented Australia at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and again in London in 2012.   

Beyond his love for the ocean, Hurst is also passionate about exercise, and he has helped introduce a swimming workout into the team’s conditioning program. He was inducted into Australia’s Surf Lifesaving Hall of Fame and was recently inducted into the Ironman Australia Hall of Fame. He hopes to compete in the annual Australian Surf Life Saving Championships in April 2017. He was also a contestant on Season 3 of the Australian “Dancing with the Stars.”