Spithill: We have to keep developing

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As the latest race session comes to a close, skipper Jimmy Spithill says the team must keep developing to get the most out of its new America’s Cup Class boat, which launched in February.

ORACLE TEAM USA posted the second best record in this race period, behind a strong showing from Sweden’s Artemis Racing.

“All of the teams have improved since the last race period,” Spithill said. “We had some good racing with Artemis but they came out on top and they really just made fewer mistakes than the other teams.

“People were definitely trying a few things in terms of techniques and set-ups. Japan were going well too, and the French were spending more hours out there and getting sharper with their AC boards.”

Most of the racing was in higher end conditions, with the wind usually between 15 and 23 knots, which is stronger than what is expected during racing for the America’s Cup this summer, but within the published racing range of 6 to 25 knots.

“The priorities out of this are to do a really good debrief and take the time to study all the racing and learn all the lessons,” Spithill said. “Then we have to implement some of the development options.

“We have to keep developing this boat, keep making it faster and I’m sure all the other teams are doing the same.

“The clock is ticking. Every day counts.”

Unofficial results courtesy of ACRM (win - loss)

FRA —— 0 - 4
GBR ——1 - 4
JPN —— 2 - 5
USA —— 5 - 4
SWE —— 9 - 0

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