#TechTuesday: First Flight

Ever wondered about the similarities between the 'first flight' of an airplane and an America's Cup Class boat?

Take a look at our #TechTuesday feature, First Flight, which looks at the test program for an Airbus A350 and compares that to our first test sail on the America's Cup Class boat.

"I think the first flight of an A350 and our AC Class are very similar," says skipper Jimmy Spithill.

"The first time they fly, it's to get out there and make sure all the systems work and that strucuturally the integrity is there and then once you tick all of those things off then straight away you're into training and practicing."

See the full story here: 

#TechTuesday: First Flight Airbus A350 and ORACLE TEAM USA\'s America\'s Cup Class Yacht

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