#TechTuesday: Data drives extreme performance

Hamilton (BDA) - 35th America's Cup Bermuda 2017 - ORACLE TEAM USA
© Sam Greenfield

Designing an America's Cup boat is an iterative process. After the initial design and launching, the team never stops searching for improvements. 

In fact. design changes and modifications won't stop until the boat has crossed the finish line in the final race. 

So although teams have now launched their America's Cup Class race boats, the race against the clock continues as we seek every last metre of gain.

Key to that process is analyzing performance. And key to that, is analyzing data.

"We capture somewhere in the order of 200 to 500 gigabytes of data each day we go sailing," says Ian Burns, the Performance Team Manager for ORACLE TEAM USA.

"When we sail, we have a team of technologists on the performance RIB and we can monitor data that comes off the boat in real time. We also run the testing program, so we log the results of those tests.

"Simultaneously we send stuff to shore and the design team watch that in real time to get an early start in analysing it."

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